Our Mission

Toys Donations

There are a number of ways you can also help these War Zone children. We are looking for Toys, games, puzzles... etc. You can donate toys (see below), organize a toy drive, or help in the sorting/packaging process. Below you will find our address for shipping in your Toys donations.

Financial Donations

Although we are primarily collecting toys, tax-deductible financial donations are also accepted with the receipt provided, and all funds collected will go towards the purchase of toys. Please email us if you would make a financial donations and will provide you with the complete instructions.

About Us

My name is Ron, and I am a 16-year-old high school student in New York. While I have lived in the United States for many years, the early part of my childhood was spent in Nes-Ziona, Israel. My family lived in an ongoing war zone, and life was difficult for everyone, but particularly for myself and other children. Instead of being able to play freely outside, or walk the streets of my own neighborhood, we lived under the constant threat of terrorism. The bomb threats, sirens and bloodshed were burned into my mind at an early age. Today, I vividly remember the feelings of fear, helplessness and limitation that accompanied our daily lives.

While I am fortunate to live in the United States, I am still sensitive to the terrorist threats that my Israeli family and friends endure on a daily basis. I know that many other people also suffer this fate all over the world. My heart pains for the children living in these war zones, and I want to make a difference in their lives. While the adults are fighting their wars and defending their countries and people, I want to provide the children with a respite and distraction from their grueling realities. My hope is to normalize a part of their lives by providing them with the simple gift that every child should have – toys.